Welcome to the District 5550 site page for The Rotary Foundation - Grants. The District 5550 Rotary Foundation Grants are managed by the World Community Service Committee.

Until 2013 the World Community Service Committee (WCSC) managed the Rotary program by which a club or district in one country provided humanitarian assistance to a club in another country. Typically the aid goes to a developing community where the Rotary project will help raise the standard of living and the quality of life.

In 2013 District 5550 implemented Rotary International’s new grants module.
These Grants are available to those clubs who have been certified in the annual Grants Certification webinars in D 5550. Certified clubs can apply for District & Global Grants and Vocational Training Team
Global Grants. The WCS Grants Committee manages allocation of available funds and monitoring of clubs in their reporting on approved projects.
Bob Durston, is the contact person for District & Global Grants. Gailmarie Anderson, Chair of the Vocational Training Team(VTT) committee is responsible for VTT Grants.

Clubs can also contact any member of the District WSC Committee for assistance.

Arthur Beselt
RC Estevan