Greetings to Students 

Are you interested in knowing more about Youth Exchange? Watch the video and see the links on this page (What is Rotary Youth Exchange?). Review the information and contact your local Rotary Club (or someone on the District Youth Exchange Committee). We look forward to hearing from you!!

Greetings to Rotary Clubs in District 5550

We ask that you notify us of a prospective student, and arrange to carry out a club interview; assuming that you wish to sponsor the student, we will arrange a district interview and contact the student so that they may start entering data on the YEAH program.

It is possible that students may apply online first, and if so, we will refer them back to the appropriate club to set up the contact/interview process.

We understand that finding enough host families is often a concern for clubs in deciding if they will participate in the Exchange Program. The family of a prospective outbound student is not required to host, but they can be asked to recruit one host family.  Training and support will be available for all Host Families moving forward.

We note that due to the Covid Pandemic, that it is possible that the program may not be able to proceed. We however do hope that a vaccine will be in place and that we will be able to carry out exchanges with Districts who are able to provide the necessary comfort and safety with Rotary International’s approvals. It is our fervent hope that we will be able to once again offer this program.

If your club has participated in the program, we hope you will again, if you haven’t please consider it, your club will find it a rewarding experience.

For any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.

Mike Mahon - YE Committee Co-Chair Inbound Students

Peter Keen - YE Committee Co-Chair Outbound Students