On July 1 I entered the office of District Governor (DG) of District 5550 for the Rotary year 2021/2022. It is an honour and a privilege to represent the Rotarians of this District in the capacity of DG. I gladly accepted the formal authorization from Rotary International (RI) President Shekhar Mehta.
Under RI president Metha’s leadership and with his support and the support of a strong DG Team of Past DG Gailmarie Anderson, DG Elect Fred Wright and DG Nominee Sonja Susut, together with the other District personnel and our Assistant Governors (AGs) we will build on the good w that has been accomplished in the past years. We also look towards the future of our District and our communities in determining how we can assist and impact OUR YOUTH OUR FUTURE.
As I write this, we continue to be in the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. There is concern for what the future will be. I do not know what the future will be, but I know that we Rotarians are doers and adapters and we can evolve and, as the song says, ‘We Will Survive’. we will carry on into the future new normal helping people and doing good in the world. Our meetings have evolved through use of Zoom (or other like applications). We have learned to have virtual fellowship. Truly it is not as good as in-person fellowship, but it keeps us connected and has allowed us to share fellowship with people in many other countries that we would not normally have met. In the future, we will still be utilzing the benefits of Zoom to reduce expenses by holding virtual or hybrid meetings and virtual learning sessions. Digital communications have been in use for many years already and this norm will continue. There will be open Communication between the District and the Clubs through the channels that the District has already put into use. Channels like the once -a-month Evening Talk Show learning sessions; the monthly DG Newsletter and the Club Presidents and AG meetings will continue.
Our efforts to work together will allow us to work toward the elimination of Child Poverty within our District. Some projects that we operate will impact the environment in beneficial ways so that young people have a safe environment in which to live and grow.
we will be able to SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES
We also need to find more people prepared to be Rotarians/Rotaractors to ensure that Rotary ideals carry forward. We must ensure that IT IS FAIR TO ALL C0NCERNED. This necessitates working for positive peace, for inclusivity, and for action on environmental concerns. Rotary has made the world a better place and we need to continue doing so.
Our District Conference, May 12-15, 2022 in Winnipeg, MB. will be an online event operating under the theme: OUR YOUTH OUR FUTURE. The event will feature both Youth and Environment Sessions utilizing egreat speakers, breakout and panel discussions and fun!
At this future event of Rotary we will join together to celebrate end of the COVID pandemic, and to showcase our commitment to the values exemplified by Rotary's Four Way Test.
We have next year to SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES here, there, and everywhere.
Thank you for everything you do in Rotary,
Yours in Rotary